Ready… Set… Sleep!

I am pleased to announce that I am officially a Certified Sleep Consultant thanks to the amazing curriculum provided by the Family Sleep Institute.  I couldn’t have completed the courses or started my very own business if it wasn’t for my one of a kind husband who has been by my side and believed in me 100%   throughout this process. (Just check out the pictures below from the surprise “Congrats!” party he threw me).  I also would not have known about this life-changing profession if it weren’t for my sweet and loving children, Kaydence & Krew.  I am grateful for you all!
So, what does a Child Sleep Consultant do?
After studying biological sleep rhythms of children and learning different techniques to gain healthy sleep habits, I will educate you on how to get your little ones the rest that they deserve.  This may include getting them to sleep through the night, gaining a healthy schedule throughout the day, or helping them get through tough transitional periods!  I will review their current habits and routines and customize a plan that is appropriate for their age and that suits your parenting style.
I want to ease the worries of every exhausted parent, lighten the load of every guardian, and help every family member become well-rested! I am extremely passionate about the work that I do and I will be just as invested in the sleep training process as you are.



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