Poor Sleep in Infancy Linked to Poor Behavior in Toddlerhood

It is no question that if my 1 year old twins don’t get their normal amount of sleep, they are whiny and irritable the next day. So when I found an article about poor sleep habits during infancy possibly being correlated with behavioral issues in toddler years, it made total sense.  These next years being named “terrible twos”, “trying threes”, and “ferocious fours” is no secret to the parental world.  Children are going through so much developmentally at these ages that they are expected to have temper tantrums because they get overwhelmed and mentally exhausted with everything they are taking in and learning.  We may not be able to eliminate those “temper tantrums” completely, but if we can help them get through these next stages in their life with a little more ease, why wouldn’t we?
The study below researched the amount of fragmented sleep of children at age 1 and then performed an attention test at ages 2 and 3 and the results showed a correlation between the poor sleepers and attention and behavioral markers 2-3 years later.
This shows how important sleep is to the developmental and behavioral aspects  of our children’s lives, not to mention to our sanity.  Starting them on a healthy sleep routine early on can truly help them down the road.  So, if you have questions about your little ones daily regimen, don’t hesitate to contact me.  I’m always here to help.

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