Early Bedtimes for Kids Are Not Absurd!

If you know me, you know that I am that “crazy” mom who puts her 1 year old’s down for bed by 6:30pm every night.  The article below makes me laugh, because it is me to a T.  My friends always make fun of me because on nights we go out, we’re out by 4:30 so we can be home in time for bed.  People suggest that the kids can stay up later to enjoy more nights out, but how can you argue with a routine where your child sleeps 12 hours a night, and still takes two 1-hour naps throughout the day? 

To prove our routine works, the seldom nights that they do get to bed later, it takes them an hour to fall asleep and they’re more tired the next day.  As mentioned in the article below, when children get overtired, their bodies produce hormones like cortisol and adrenaline, to fight off the exhaustion, and that is when they get too “wired” to sleep.  Parents confuse this 7 – 8pm time of being hyperactive (depending on their age) as them “not being ready for bed”, in reality, they were probably ready for bed 30 minutes ago but now their bodies are fighting off being tired.

Early bedtimes not only eliminate that irritable or hyperactive hour kids get in the evening, but allow for them to become well-rested and more enjoyable throughout the entire day, (not to mention, well-rested children are healthier children!).  Sticking to our routine doesn’t hinder our lives as some people believe, but it allows us and our children to enjoy each other more.  They are always in great moods, and they are always happy to go down for naps and bed, so we never have to put up a fight.  It is as if they know when they sleep better, they feel better.

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(Disclaimer: My children do not sleep with an alarm clock, nor do they sleep in the same crib)

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