Baby Sleep Myth or Fact?

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Babies Will Just Fall Asleep When They’re Tired

That may be true for few, but for most, if we don’t put them down for a nap or bedtime, they will likely stay up until they are so wired that it is impossible for them to actually sleep.  It is important for babies to go to sleep at times that are concurrent with their natural sleep rhythm.  If we know when these times are, we can allow for our kids to fall asleep more peacefully instead of waiting for them to get overtired, wired, and worst of all, cranky!  Contact me for more information on your child’s natural sleep rhythm.
baby sleep rhythym

A Significantly Dark Room is BEST

SUMMER IS HERE! And for some of us, that means it doesn’t get dark until 10pm!  So, for our little ones that go to bed during the recommended time, anywhere from 6pm-8pm, it is important to make their room conducive for sleep.  I always suggest to clients to make their kids rooms almost cave-like because all of that sunlight (or even a night light) can suppress their melatonin production which is what helps us sleep.  If you don’t have the option to buy black-out shades, you can try blankets, towels, or even black trash bags over the windows can do wonders.  This picture is of the twins room today at 12:30pm nap time… cave-like indeed!
blackout shades

Adding Rice Cereal to a Bottle Will Help Them Sleep Through the Night

There is no proof that this method can help our children sleep better.  [Side Note] If your doctor has you doing this for other reasons (like weight gain or acid reflux) PLEASE continue to do as your doctor has suggested.  It’s just when it comes to the theory that making your baby’s belly as full as possible right before bed will make them sleep better has no evidence of being true.  Instead of trying to feed them more right before bed, what if you tried getting them on a different sleep schedule?  There IS proof that works in helping them sleep better and through the entire night.  Most of the time, that small change can make a large difference in a matter of days. So contact me today to find out the right schedule for your little one!
baby sleep myth

You Don’t Have to Live Close for Me to Help Sleep Train

I have helped families all over the country with sleep training their little ones.  My help through the process can all be accomplished through phone calls, text messages, or emails.  It all starts with a phone consultation where we will discuss their current sleep habits and routines, and I will educate you on how we can resolve the sleep difficulties you are dealing with, which could be getting them to sleep through the night, gaining a healthy schedule throughout the day, or helping them get through tough transitional periods like dropping naps or staying in a toddler bed!  Based on our consultation, I will customize a sleep plan that is appropriate for their age and that suits your parenting style and then I will guide you through the process and provide my daily support through the entire 2 weeks.
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Never Wake a Sleeping Baby

You may 100% wake a sleeping baby to get them on the right schedule. It is possible that our little ones can sleep too much during the day to where it will affect how much they sleep at night. No, this doesn’t mean I’m going against my first week’s post and saying to keep your babies up during the day to let them sleep at night. But if you were to take a long nap until 5pm during the day, would you have trouble sleeping that night? Probably. Just remember that there are certain nap times and bed times that are optimal for our children’s sleep patterns, so if waking them up allows them to stay within these timeframes for them to obtain the most restorative nap and night sleep possible, I say wake that baby! If you have any questions about your child’s sleep patterns and the optimal times they should be sleeping, message me today! (Twins saying “hush, hush” to the baby in photo)

sleeping baby

Sleep is Strongly Related to Child Development

Poor sleep is not only negatively related to our children’s cognitive and physical development, but it can be harmful to our health and mental state as parents too. Just think about how we feel when we are sleep deprived. It effects our judgment, memory, motor skills, emotions, etc. For children, it can be even more harmful because they are constantly growing and learning, and this development happens while they sleep. Contact me today for more information on getting your little one sleeping a healthy amount (which is up to 15 hours a day)!
sleep development fact2

Keeping Babies Awake During the Day Makes Them Sleep More at Night

In all honesty, this myth will do the complete opposite.  When a baby sleeps less throughout the day, they will sleep less at night.  When children are overtired, their body produces hormones that help them fight off the exhaustion, so they get more wired which causes more wake-ups throughout the night, as well as waking up too early for the day.

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