Why Put Kids Down Drowsy but Awake?

One of my favorite things I learned from Dr. Weissbluth is about what is truly happening when we put our kid’s down in their crib after they’ve already fallen asleep.  He says that it is like us waking up in the middle of the night on our living room floor (or outside on the patio like the picture above).  We have no idea where we are or how we got there.  Wouldn’t you find that a little disturbing if this happened to you?  So, when we put our children down after they’re peacefully sleeping in our arms and they wake up in a completely different place, they get confused, upset and probably a little anxious.  This habit can not only turn into an all-night occurrence of you holding them as they sleep, but can also cause them to not fall into a deep sleep out of anxiousness.  In order to avoid this exhausting routine, putting them down drowsy but awake is imperative.  They will become used to their crib and learn to love their alone time.  Letting them fall asleep on their own, in their bed, will allow for them to  eliminate those confused night-waking’s where we must intervene.  They’ll also be able to sleep deeper causing them to wake up well-rested and happier which in turn makes them enjoy nap and bedtime even more due to the way they feel when they’re awake.  Don’t hesitate to contact me if you need advice on how to start putting your little one’s down drowsy buy awake without a big fight! krissy@monkeyroosleep.com

(My niece Lilly is the sweet girl in the picture!  Thanks for being my model Lillyan!)

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