The End of Daylight Savings is Among Us

Although it doesn’t look like fall in Nebraska right now, the twins got to “Fall Back” into the snow instead of leaves this year!  As I’ve mentioned before, some parents don’t dread the thought of the time changing because they have good sleepers on their hands.  For other parents that have worked hard to get their sensitive sleepers on a great schedule, this day can leave one feeling uneasy.

For those with children that aren’t such sensitive sleepers, their body should gradually adjust to the time change on it’s own within a day or 2 just like ours does as adults.  For the little ones that struggle with sleep, I believe the easiest way to adjust to the time change is to slightly move back their schedule a few days to a week prior to the actual time change. 

For Instance, the following schedule is an example for a child on 2 naps (anywhere from 8 months-24 months).  Besides their sleeping schedule, you’ll want to adjust meal times also.
They will still wake up at 6:30 on the 1st day, but you can let them play in their bed for 15 minutes or so, and you’ll just adjust everything (including their meal times) 15 minutes later throughout the day.

Current ScheduleOctober 28thOctober 29thOctober 30thOctober 31stNovember 1st
6:30am Wake-Time6:45am Wake-Time7:00am Wake-Time7:15am Wake-Time7:30am Wake-Time6:30am Wake-Time
9am Nap 19:15am Nap 19:30am Nap 19:45am Nap 110am Nap 19am Nap 1
1pm Nap 21:15pm Nap 21:30pm Nap 21:45pm Nap 22pm Nap 21pm Nap 2
6:30pm Bedtime6:45pm Bed7:00pm Bed7:15pm Bed7:30pm Bed6:30pm Bed

If you have any questions or concerns about the time change and keeping your little one on schedule, feel free to contact me.

2018 Fall Back Pic

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