Sleep Training is Safe

As a sleep consultant, I know there is a lot of confusing information out there about sleep training that causes hesitation and concern for our little ones stability and health in their future. But I am here to tell you that sleep training is safe! I always try to reassure parents by informing them that during my certification we had to do a lot of research about this topic to see if there was any proof behind those articles that state how harmful sleep training can be to our children. My conclusion was simple; any article I read and the research they quoted had nothing to do with allowing your child to cry during sleep training but instead was all about children that suffered from long term neglect at a young age. And some of these quoted research studies weren’t even about humans.

Due to this comprehensive assignment, I have always felt very comfortable with the sleep training process and have zero doubts that it can harm our children or break our bond with them. In fact, I know that sleep training can allow for our kids to be healthier and even have a stronger bond with us as parents because they FEEL better now that they sleep better.

For instance, look at my cover photo! My twins were sleep trained when they were babies and they still LOVE to cuddle with me and spend lots of time together. Not only is our bond strong, but they are also very well-behaved children.

The reason I write this blog today is because I came across the article below and I wanted to share it to give YOU more peace of mind with the sleep training process also. (Just because I know my word isn’t always enough).

Here are a few quotes from the article:

“Not only are sleep-trained babies sleeping better, but researchers found no correlation between sleep training and negative outcomes such as depression, sleepiness, or damage to parent-infant bonding.”

“Children who sleep better are emotionally adjusted, have less difficulty learning, less fussiness, and have a reduced risk of health problems as they grow. Restorative sleep is crucial for the development and overall well-being of the whole family.”

  • YES! I attest that Monkey & Roo’s behavior has a lot to do with them having healthy sleep habits for the last 5 years. Their outbursts and crankiness are pretty minimal. At school, I am told they are well-behaved, listen, and are kind to everybody.

“Sleep training your baby is safe and can be beneficial for both the baby and the parents. Having guidance and support helps ease parents’ stress, anxiety, and exhaustion from lack of sleep and frustration around what to do and how to do it. Speak with your child’s pediatrician before attempting sleep training. The use of a certified sleep training expert can also help to answer any questions and guide you.”

  • If you wanted your child to learn how to play the piano, and you have no experience in this field, would you try to teach yourself or hire somebody to help you? Let me help your child sleep. To have the guidance of someone with knowledge about the topic can be extremely helpful and relieve a lot of stress.
  • I’m a little different than a lot of sleep consultants because not only do I like to provide you the knowledge to help your children sleep better, but I like to be an emotional support system for you as well. Sleep training can be hard, and I like to make sure the parents have someone to talk to that understands.

If you are interested in moving forward with sleep training, feel free to check out my packages. And if you have no idea where to start, fill out an Intake Form and I can guide you.

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