“Krissy was absolutely amazing to work with! She is knowledgeable, patient and helpful. She gave us the confidence we needed to break our baby’s habits so we could ALL begin sleeping better. I owe my rest and sanity to her!”

Lindsay B.

“For the past two months my LO was waking up 15-20 times a night. First night of using MonkeyRoo Sleep Consulting suggestions, my LO only woke up twice! Now, by night 4, she’s sleeping through the night with one feeding!!!! Wish I could’ve met her sooner!”

Karissa S.

“MonkeyRoo Sleep Consulting has helped my 17 month old twins develop healthy sleep habits. Due to teething and colds our twins were sleeping terribly. We went from holding them to sleep at night and frequent wake ups to having them fall asleep independently and sleeping through the night. We are all so well rested and much happier. Thank you for giving us the tools to help our toddlers sleep better! I highly recommend MonkeyRoo Sleep consulting for any bumps in the road when it comes to sleep.”

Carolyn H.

“Krissy was amazing! My 4 year old son was waking up crying or wanting to sleep with us for most of his third year of life. So by 4 I was like I can’t do this anymore and reached out to Krissy! Her intake call was very thorough and answered every single one of my questions. She texted me every morning and told me what to do if something wasn’t working-which I really wanted. First week was rough but we got through and now he’s sleeping through the night without any screaming or crying!! Worth every single penny!”

Maddy B.

“My almost 2 year old has NEVER slept well. At 22 months, she was still sleeping just as poorly as she had the day we brought her home from the hospital. Bedtime was a nightmare and something I dreaded every single day. It took 2+ hours of rocking and bottle feeding and butt patting and songs and stories and then she’d be up 30 minutes later needing to start all over again, and then every hour all night long after that. She also had never napped in her own bed and would only nap if I held her the entire time. I had tried so many different things and nothing ever worked or stuck. I was exhausted. In my desperation, I found Krissy & MonkeyRoo and within just a few days, things got so much easier. Now my daughter puts herself to sleep in just a few minutes and sleeps all night long for 11-12 hours. She also puts herself to sleep for naps in her own bed and sleeps for 2 hours. My life has literally changed! I am so grateful and cannot thank Krissy enough!”

Morgan M.

“I was convinced that our two year old couldn’t be sleep trained. We co-slept, which was fine, but bedtime got to the point where it was taking us sometimes up to two hours to get her to fall asleep. When I did the consultation, I told Krissy I didn’t want to do CIO, and she helped pick a sleep plan that was more gentle and worked better for us. It was tough (and we still had some tears from toddler AND mama…) but we are to the point where we can lay down our sweet girl, walk away, and she falls asleep on her own. I am so thankful to Krissy for helping our family figure out how to make bedtime less stressful! If you follow her plan with fidelity, you’ll have a “super sleeper” in no time!”

Jensyn B.

“I can’t say enough good things about Krissy! Our toddler had been a prefect sleeper so when she suddenly became a terrible sleeper in July, we were lost with what to do. She wouldn’t fall asleep on her own, was tired and grumpy every day, and ended up in our bed every night. Top that off with a new born and you have a couple of exhausted parents. A friend recommended we hire Krissy to help us, and we’re glad we did. Just one week into sleep training, our little girl is falling asleep on her own again and only leaves her room once a night, or not at all but falls back to sleep in her own bed.”


“Krissy was great at helping us eliminate our little guys night feedings, freeing us from the sleep sack and getting him to stay in his crib all night. I think we all know what we need to do, but having someone who can guide and coach you through the tough process of sleep training is priceless.  Krissy checked in often and was always available when we needed her. Though I was nervous to part ways at the end of the week, I’m confident Krissy left us with the tools and knowledge for us to continue the great progress we made! We won’t hesitate to reach out if we need her again in the future.”

Ashley T.

“Great experience working with Krissy! She is very open to understanding what will work for your specific needs and really helps to address any fears or concerns with recommendations.”

Jo Z.

“Life saver! My twins were waking up every 2 hours at 9 months old. We were exhausted. Krissy and I had a consultation and then sent a detailed sleep plan. My girls were sleeping through the night within less than a week! Highly recommend!”

Kara S.