Emilee S.

“If your child is having problems going to sleep and STAYING asleep at night, then you need Krissy Brashear! I had been referred to Krissy by several friends, but had to hold off on sleep training due to our son’s medical issues, or I would have done this months ago. I’m so glad we were finally able to do it! From the time Baylor was a newborn, he liked to wake up during the night. He was a frequent night nurser, and I believe it became a habit for him to wake, feed, and then be rocked back to sleep. Well, at 8 months old, he was still waking between 3-6 times were night and would not put himself back to sleep. He also became super difficult in the evenings at night time. Some nights it would take HOURS to get him to finally settle and stay asleep for just a couple of hours. A few weeks ago, we decided to contact Krissy and jump right in. I can now say Baylor is capable of sleeping 12 hours at night! Krissy is amazing at what she does, and she is extremely supportive throughout the entire process. Moms and dads need rest and quiet time too, and I am so grateful Krissy got that back for us!