Janeen A.

“To say that Krissy helped our family is an understatement!! At 5 months old, our little Emmet went from waking up 4-5 times a night to sleeping through the night in less than 2 weeks! As a very tired mom, I had hit a breaking point and I knew that something had to change but I had no idea where to start!! That’s where Krissy entered the picture and gave us small, manageable steps that we could take to get Emmet’s schedule dialed in and break some of his bad habits (like having to nurse to go back to sleep at night). I was very motivated and trusted the process and trusted Krissy, so we followed all of her advice and it WORKED!! It never felt overwhelming as she just gave us one small step at a time. Once we got one thing figured out, we’d add another step, and so on and so forth until before I knew it, Emmet wasn’t waking up at all at night! To top it all off, he was napping better during the day and a happier baby overall. It was then that I realized that when people say that babies need routine it is TRUE! Our whole family is happier and healthier because of Krissy’s help. I cannot tell you how much of a comfort it was to know she was just a text or phone call away when I was going through the sleep training. She would always respond to a last minute question when emmet threw us for a curveball. I loved the personalized approach she gave to us & how she came up with a plan specific to our family, our schedule, and the needs of our precious little boy. I highly recommend hiring Krissy as your sleep coach if you are struggling with child sleep! She’s a genius!