Kylee R.

“We hired Krissy to assist us with sleep training our 8 month old and our 2.5 year old! Our experience has been beyond a 5 star experience… and we aren’t even done working with her yet.

Her written plans truly helped my husband and I organize sleep patterns for our kids. We were getting up 12-18 times a night with our baby and 1-3 times with our toddler. We were beyond miserable and sleep deprived.

I also really enjoy that she allows you as a parent to choose the best sleep program for your specific child. It has made our experience so much better than simply making our babies just “cry it out.”

Within 2 nights our baby started sleeping 5 hour stretches and is now getting to those 8-10 hour stretches!!

We are still working with our toddler, but her overall sleep habits have improved tenfold.

CANNOT RECOMMEND HER SERVICES ENOUGH. Worth every dollar and more!”