Madison S.

“We’ve been on the fence about hiring a sleep consultant for awhile, but we finally had had enough and contacting Krissy at MonkeyRoo Sleep Consulting was easily the best thing we’ve ever done for our daughter! After 13 months of inconsistent naps, broken night sleep, habit wakes, strong sleep associations (nursing or rocking to sleep), and endless advice from family and strangers, it was clear to us that we didn’t know what we were doing and something had to change. Making the investment to hire Krissy was so beneficial to getting us to stick to a program and schedule because we had someone to keep us accountable every single day of the two-week training period. She checked in with us every day, offering adjustments if something didn’t go to plan and reassuring us. Her support was exactly what we needed to create a sustainable program that was unique to our family. Following the program itself was quite simple because it took all the guesswork out of things for us, and it wasn’t nearly as painful as we thought it would be. There were a few tears shed (on both ends!), but it was actually really minimal and by the 4th or 5th night, we were all sleeping an entire night’s sleep! We couldn’t believe it. We all feel so much healthier and happier to be around each other. If you are unsure about sleep training, do your family a favor and talk to Krissy! She will get you where you want to be and will do so with kindness and exceptional care for your little one.”