Morgan M.

“My almost 2 year old has NEVER slept well. At 22 months, she was still sleeping just as poorly as she had the day we brought her home from the hospital. Bedtime was a nightmare and something I dreaded every single day. It took 2+ hours of rocking and bottle feeding and butt patting and songs and stories and then she’d be up 30 minutes later needing to start all over again, and then every hour all night long after that. She also had never napped in her own bed and would only nap if I held her the entire time. I had tried so many different things and nothing ever worked or stuck. I was exhausted. In my desperation, I found Krissy & MonkeyRoo and within just a few days, things got so much easier. Now my daughter puts herself to sleep in just a few minutes and sleeps all night long for 11-12 hours. She also puts herself to sleep for naps in her own bed and sleeps for 2 hours. My life has literally changed! I am so grateful and cannot thank Krissy enough!”