“We had reached our breaking point at 8 months old with our twins. They weren’t taking naps, we were up 2-3 times a night and had resorted to co-sleeping some nights after hours of rocking. When they did sleep we were on pins and needles anytime one woke up, praying they wouldn’t wake the other. After a brief intro call with Krissy we knew sleep training was the right decision for our family. She made the whole process extremely easy and truly eased my mama heart. Krissy stayed in constant communication providing feedback and last minute changes specific to how our day was progressing. By the third day our girls were sleeping through the night and within a couple of more days they were self soothing and enjoying naps! This has been life changing! After 8 mons of no sleep for these parents we were exhausted, stressed and anxious over naps and bedtime. Now, we’re rested and enjoying our babies that we waited a long time for. Thank you Krissy ❤️

Melinda L.

“I came to Krissy about three days ago because I was having a sleep regression with my three year old son. He wasn’t sleeping in his own bed and wasn’t able to fall asleep on his own. The first night was the hardest, about 45 minutes of protesting, the second night only ten minutes, and last night he actually gave me a kiss and said goodnight mama I love you and went to sleep all on his own!”

Megan M.

“We hired Krissy to assist us with sleep training our 8 month old and our 2.5 year old! Our experience has been beyond a 5 star experience… and we aren’t even done working with her yet.

Her written plans truly helped my husband and I organize sleep patterns for our kids. We were getting up 12-18 times a night with our baby and 1-3 times with our toddler. We were beyond miserable and sleep deprived.

I also really enjoy that she allows you as a parent to choose the best sleep program for your specific child. It has made our experience so much better than simply making our babies just “cry it out.”

Within 2 nights our baby started sleeping 5 hour stretches and is now getting to those 8-10 hour stretches!!

We are still working with our toddler, but her overall sleep habits have improved tenfold.

CANNOT RECOMMEND HER SERVICES ENOUGH. Worth every dollar and more!”

Kylee R.

“I cannot thank Krissy enough for helping my son get restful sleep. With her help and easy to follow sleep plan my son now goes to bed easier and sleeps throughout the night in his OWN BED!!!!!
Thanks again for everything our family truly appreciates it!!!”

Nicole H.

“If you are struggling with your little ones sleeping through the night, I highly recommend Krissy! She helped us train our 18 month old to sleep all night and longer naps and IT WORKED!! She is very quick at responding and always positive. I was nervous and scared, but she was sure to let me know that it was best for our little one! I could not have asked for a better experience. Thank you for everything, but most importantly for helping my little one sleep! 😁😁

Brantley B.

“Krissy was SO helpful when it came to getting our kids to sleep through the night! She is super nice, genuine and truly cares about you and your child getting the best sleep possible. I cannot say enough good things about her and how much she’s helped us. I highly recommend contacting her if you find yourself needing help in the sleep dept!”

Kelsey W.

“We absolutely loved Krissy. She took the time to call and get to know my girls and their needs. She also checked on us daily, and helped us with adjustments when we needed them. Krissy allowed us to feel good about sleep and nap training our twin girls, and never once made us feel like we were neglecting them. We really enjoyed working with Krissy! Now, we are all getting the rest we all needed! Highly, HIGHLY recomend!! Thank you again, Krissy! Harper and Riley are resting better than ever!

Claudia D.

“I could not recommend MonkeyRoo Sleep Consulting more. If you have a baby that struggles with nighttime or daytime sleep don’t hesitate, spend the money and make your life easier. I was blown away at how quickly our baby adapted after following the schedule and implementing the recommended tips. I now feel confident our baby is getting the appropriate amount of sleep and we all feel refreshed. Thank you MonkeyRoo for all of your help!”

Leslie L.

“Amazing! Our girls are sleeping through the night! Naps are loads better! Krissy offered great information about sleep, but maybe more importantly she was a genuine support for me and my husband through this process! Worth every penny and would recommend to anyone!”

Jessica P.

“Prior to starting with Krissy, my 6 month old twins were up 4-5 times a night and taking 20 min catnaps at random times of the day. I was desperate for just a few consecutive hours of sleep at night and for my babies to have a little more structure. By day 2, we had them in their own room and sleeping from 7pm to 7am and also napping at the same times during the day. Both babies were instantly in a better mood and eating better once they caught up on their sleep. Krissy was so knowledgeable and was able to answer my many questions right as they arose during the day. I’m so thankful that I found MonkeyRoo, this process made my babies happier and healthier and gave me my sanity back! I’ve read many books and articles about infant sleep, but it wasn’t until working with Krissy that I truly had the confidence and knowledge to implement a schedule that works for my family. Her services were worth every penny and then some.

Kristina C.