Tygh F.

“Krissy was a huge help to us when our 20 month old decided to quit sleeping this summer. Matthew was always my good baby that slept all night but out of no where began waking up every night. Unfortunately he was still on a bottle and I had always rocked him to sleep and then taken him to bed. Well it got to the point where I couldn’t get him back to bed and would cave and let him sleep with us. After a great discussion with Krissy we set out a great plan to help get him to sleep all night and even get rid of the bottle! Only took about 3 or 4 nights and he now goes to sleep on his own and sleeps all night long from 8:30-7:30!!! When a mommy gets a good nights sleep it’s life changing! Totally worth it! Sometimes it just takes that third opinion. Thank you so much Krissy!!! Wish you were around when my other two were little!”