Welcome To MonkeyRoo Sleep Consulting

Do you need help getting your baby or toddler to sleep 12 hours a night?  And on a healthy schedule throughout the day? 
It is my goal to provide you with the skills and knowledge to ensure the whole family becomes well-rested.  I will teach you about your little ones biological sleep rhythms and help them gain healthy sleep habits to end those wakeful nights, gain an appropriate schedule throughout the day, or help them transition through those difficult sleep related milestones.

I will assist your family by examining your child’s existing habits and routines and customize a sleep plan that is appropriate for their current age.  I will also personalize this plan that is best suited for your individual parenting style so it will benefit the whole family with what feels most comfortable to you.  Every child and family is so unique and special that I try to focus on your personal needs as parents and your desired outcome as a family.

What a Child Sleep Consultant Does -Helping your little ones get the rest they need- (monkeyroosleep.com)

“Krissy is a God send! My 5 month old was waking to nurse 3-4x/night every night. I was miserable and this is my 3rd kid! With her full guidance and training schedule she now goes to bed at 6:30pm and sleeps till 4am almost every night! This is one happy momma! If your sanity is worth anything she is a true angel in disguise ❤️ now if I could go to bed at 6:30 I’d be even better 🤣

Michelle H.

“We had reached our breaking point at 8 months old with our twins. They weren’t taking naps, we were up 2-3 times a night and had resorted to co-sleeping some nights after hours of rocking. When they did sleep we were on pins and needles anytime one woke up, praying they wouldn’t wake the other. After a brief intro call with Krissy we knew sleep training was the right decision for our family. She made the whole process extremely easy and truly eased my mama heart. Krissy stayed in constant communication providing feedback and last minute changes specific to how our day was progressing. By the third day our girls were sleeping through the night and within a couple of more days they were self soothing and enjoying naps! This has been life changing! After 8 mons of no sleep for these parents we were exhausted, stressed and anxious over naps and bedtime. Now, we’re rested and enjoying our babies that we waited a long time for. Thank you Krissy ❤️

Melinda L.