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Krissy Brashear
Founder/Child Sleep Consultant

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I am a mother of twins and the wife of a very loving husband.  I moved to a small town, Valentine, Nebraska, after being a big city girl my whole life, originally from Phoenix, Arizona.  My husband and I moved here to fulfill our dream of raising kids in a small town.  I have a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology and once I had my children, I became very passionate about sleep and the mental and physical effects it has on our well-being.  With the support of my husband, I decided to pursue this passion and enrolled in the Family Sleep Institute to become a Certified Child Sleep Consultant.  Educating families on how to develop healthy sleep habits for your little ones is an extreme joy for me and I truly hope I can help your family as well!

Kaydence Josephine Brashear

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I was born on May 15th, 2017 and have a twin brother!  I am my parents little monkey because I was a hairy baby and always made cute Monkey faces.  I am the reason my mommy decided to start helping other children sleep.  When I was 2 months old, I was so excited to stay awake for 4 hour stretches at night and my mom decided that it wasn’t healthy for me and wanted to help me sleep better.  She started researching and working hard to find out what was best for my brother and I and after 5 days of changing my very routined schedule, I started sleeping 6 hours a night!  Even though I don’t get parties at night anymore, I am so well-rested that I have fun all day long laughing, dancing, and running around with my brother and parents!  Thanks Mom!

Krew Bonard Brashear

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I was born May 15th, 2017 and have a twin sister!  My parents call me “Krew-Roo” because my sister and I were born premature, so they would lay me on their chest “skin-to-skin” like a Kangaroo which helped us with our temperature, weight, and also to help our mom with breastfeeding.  I didn’t party at night like my sister, but I did wake-up habitually every morning at 4am.  Once my mom found the perfect schedule for us, after only a week of our parents hard work, I started sleeping 7 hours a night!  Now, I love to giggle, eat, and wrestle with my sister all day long so I can sleep 12 hours at night!

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