“Krissy was absolutely amazing to work with! She is knowledgeable, patient and helpful. She gave us the confidence we needed to break our baby’s habits so we could ALL begin sleeping better. I owe my rest and sanity to her!”
-Lindsay, Bedford, NH

“For the past two months my LO was waking up 15-20 times a night. First night of using MonkeyRoo Sleep Consulting suggestions, my LO only woke up twice! Now, by night 4, she’s sleeping through the night with one feeding!!!! Wish I could’ve met her sooner!”
-Karissa, Hill AFB, UT

“MonkeyRoo Sleep Consulting has helped my 17 month old twins develop healthy sleep habits. Due to teething and colds our twins were sleeping terribly. We went from holding them to sleep at night and frequent wake ups to having them fall asleep independently and sleeping through the night. We are all so well rested and much happier. Thank you for giving us the tools to help our toddlers sleep better! I highly recommend MonkeyRoo Sleep consulting for any bumps in the road when it comes to sleep.”
-Carolyn; Thetford Center, VT

“Krissy was amazing! My 4 year old son was waking up crying or wanting to sleep with us for most of his third year of life. So by 4 I was like I can’t do this anymore and reached out to Krissy! Her intake call was very thorough and answered every single one of my questions. She texted me every morning and told me what to do if something wasn’t working-which I really wanted. First week was rough but we got through and now he’s sleeping through the night without any screaming or crying!! Worth every single penny!”
-Maddy; Glendale, AZ

“My almost 2 year old has NEVER slept well. At 22 months, she was still sleeping just as poorly as she had the day we brought her home from the hospital. Bedtime was a nightmare and something I dreaded every single day. It took 2+ hours of rocking and bottle feeding and butt patting and songs and stories and then she’d be up 30 minutes later needing to start all over again, and then every hour all night long after that. She also had never napped in her own bed and would only nap if I held her the entire time. I had tried so many different things and nothing ever worked or stuck. I was exhausted. In my desperation, I found Krissy & MonkeyRoo and within just a few days, things got so much easier. Now my daughter puts herself to sleep in just a few minutes and sleeps all night long for 11-12 hours. She also puts herself to sleep for naps in her own bed and sleeps for 2 hours. My life has literally changed! I am so grateful and cannot thank Krissy enough!”
Morgan; Midland, MI

“I was convinced that our two year old couldn’t be sleep trained. We co-slept, which was fine, but bedtime got to the point where it was taking us sometimes up to two hours to get her to fall asleep. When I did the consultation, I told Krissy I didn’t want to do CIO, and she helped pick a sleep plan that was more gentle and worked better for us. It was tough (and we still had some tears from toddler AND mama…) but we are to the point where we can lay down our sweet girl, walk away, and she falls asleep on her own. I am so thankful to Krissy for helping our family figure out how to make bedtime less stressful! If you follow her plan with fidelity, you’ll have a “super sleeper” in no time!”
-Jensyn; Omaha, Nebraska

“I can’t say enough good things about Krissy! Our toddler had been a prefect sleeper so when she suddenly became a terrible sleeper in July, we were lost with what to do. She wouldn’t fall asleep on her own, was tired and grumpy every day, and ended up in our bed every night. Top that off with a new born and you have a couple of exhausted parents. A friend recommended we hire Krissy to help us, and we’re glad we did. Just one week into sleep training, our little girl is falling asleep on her own again and only leaves her room once a night, or not at all but falls back to sleep in her own bed.”
-Christa; Bassett, NE

Krissy was great at helping us eliminate our little guys night feedings, freeing us from the sleep sack and getting him to stay in his crib all night. I think we all know what we need to do, but having someone who can guide and coach you through the tough process of sleep training is priceless.  Krissy checked in often and was always available when we needed her. Though I was nervous to part ways at the end of the week, I’m confident Krissy left us with the tools and knowledge for us to continue the great progress we made! We won’t hesitate to reach out if we need her again in the future.”

“Great experience working with Krissy! She is very open to understanding what will work for your specific needs and really helps to address any fears or concerns with recommendations.”
-Jo; Land o’Lakes, FL

“I came to Krissy about three days ago because I was having a sleep regression with my three year old son. He wasn’t sleeping in his own bed and wasn’t able to fall asleep on his own. The first night was the hardest, about 45 minutes of protesting, the second night only ten minutes, and last night he actually gave me a kiss and said goodnight mama I love you and went to sleep all on his own!”
-Megan; Phoenix, Arizona

“Life saver! My twins were waking up every 2 hours at 9 months old. We were exhausted. Krissy and I had a consultation and then sent a detailed sleep plan. My girls were sleeping through the night within less than a week! Highly recommend!”
-Kara; Houston, TX

We had reached our breaking point at 8 months old with our twins. They weren’t taking naps, we were up 2-3 times a night and had resorted to co-sleeping some nights after hours of rocking. When they did sleep we were on pins and needles anytime one woke up, praying they wouldn’t wake the other. After a brief intro call with Krissy we knew sleep training was the right decision for our family. She made the whole process extremely easy and truly eased my mama heart. Krissy stayed in constant communication providing feedback and last minute changes specific to how our day was progressing. By the third day our girls were sleeping through the night and within a couple of more days they were self soothing and enjoying naps! This has been life changing! After 8 mons of no sleep for these parents we were exhausted, stressed and anxious over naps and bedtime. Now, we’re rested and enjoying our babies that we waited a long time for. Thank you Krissy ❤️
-Melinda; Tampa, Florida

“We hired Krissy to assist us with sleep training our 8 month old and our 2.5 year old! Our experience has been beyond a 5 star experience… and we aren’t even done working with her yet.
Her written plans truly helped my husband and I organize sleep patterns for our kids. We were getting up 12-18 times a night with our baby and 1-3 times with our toddler. We were beyond miserable and sleep deprived.
I also really enjoy that she allows you as a parent to choose the best sleep program for your specific child. It has made our experience so much better than simply making our babies just “cry it out.”
Within 2 nights our baby started sleeping 5 hour stretches and is now getting to those 8-10 hour stretches!!
We are still working with our toddler, but her overall sleep habits have improved tenfold.
CANNOT RECOMMEND HER SERVICES ENOUGH. Worth every dollar and more!”
-Kylee; Garretson, South Dakota

“I cannot thank Krissy enough for helping my son get restful sleep. With her help and easy to follow sleep plan my son now goes to bed easier and sleeps throughout the night in his OWN BED!!!!!
Thanks again for everything our family truly appreciates it!!!”
-Nicole; Peoria, Arizona

“If you are struggling with your little ones sleeping through the night, I highly recommend Krissy! She helped us train our 18 month old to sleep all night and longer naps and IT WORKED!! She is very quick at responding and always positive. I was nervous and scared, but she was sure to let me know that it was best for our little one! I could not have asked for a better experience. Thank you for everything, but most importantly for helping my little one sleep! 😁😁
-Brantley; Richland, Georgia

“I could not recommend MonkeyRoo Sleep Consulting more. If you have a baby that struggles with nighttime or daytime sleep don’t hesitate, spend the money and make your life easier. I was blown away at how quickly our baby adapted after following the schedule and implementing the recommended tips. I now feel confident our baby is getting the appropriate amount of sleep and we all feel refreshed. Thank you MonkeyRoo for all of your help!”
-Leslie; Seneca, Nebraska

“Krissy was SO helpful when it came to getting our kids to sleep through the night! She is super nice, genuine and truly cares about you and your child getting the best sleep possible. I cannot say enough good things about her and how much she’s helped us. I highly recommend contacting her if you find yourself needing help in the sleep dept!”
-Kelsey; Berwick, Maine

“Amazing! Our girls are sleeping through the night! Naps are loads better! Krissy offered great information about sleep, but maybe more importantly she was a genuine support for me and my husband through this process! Worth every penny and would recommend to anyone!”
-Jessica; Americus, Georgia

“We absolutely loved Krissy. She took the time to call and get to know my girls and their needs. She also checked on us daily, and helped us with adjustments when we needed them. Krissy allowed us to feel good about sleep and nap training our twin girls, and never once made us feel like we were neglecting them. We really enjoyed working with Krissy! Now, we are all getting the rest we all needed! Highly, HIGHLY recommend!! Thank you again, Krissy! Harper and Riley are resting better than ever!
-Claudia; Houston, Texas

“Prior to starting with Krissy, my 6 month old twins were up 4-5 times a night and taking 20 min catnaps at random times of the day. I was desperate for just a few consecutive hours of sleep at night and for my babies to have a little more structure. By day 2, we had them in their own room and sleeping from 7pm to 7am and also napping at the same times during the day. Both babies were instantly in a better mood and eating better once they caught up on their sleep. Krissy was so knowledgeable and was able to answer my many questions right as they arose during the day. I’m so thankful that I found MonkeyRoo, this process made my babies happier and healthier and gave me my sanity back! I’ve read many books and articles about infant sleep, but it wasn’t until working with Krissy that I truly had the confidence and knowledge to implement a schedule that works for my family. Her services were worth every penny and then some.
-Kristina; Linwood, Michigan

“Krissy is a baby genius!!! My twin boys (8 months) were all over the place with their nightly sleep pattern. My husband and I were beyond exhausted and frustrated. Krissy stepped in and with a few pointers, our boys are sleeping through the night! She is our hero!”
– Stacey; Austin, Texas

“We’ve been on the fence about hiring a sleep consultant for awhile, but we finally had had enough and contacting Krissy at MonkeyRoo Sleep Consulting was easily the best thing we’ve ever done for our daughter! After 13 months of inconsistent naps, broken night sleep, habit wakes, strong sleep associations (nursing or rocking to sleep), and endless advice from family and strangers, it was clear to us that we didn’t know what we were doing and something had to change. Making the investment to hire Krissy was so beneficial to getting us to stick to a program and schedule because we had someone to keep us accountable every single day of the two-week training period. She checked in with us every day, offering adjustments if something didn’t go to plan and reassuring us. Her support was exactly what we needed to create a sustainable program that was unique to our family. Following the program itself was quite simple because it took all the guesswork out of things for us, and it wasn’t nearly as painful as we thought it would be. There were a few tears shed (on both ends!), but it was actually really minimal and by the 4th or 5th night, we were all sleeping an entire night’s sleep! We couldn’t believe it. We all feel so much healthier and happier to be around each other. If you are unsure about sleep training, do your family a favor and talk to Krissy! She will get you where you want to be and will do so with kindness and exceptional care for your little one.”
-Madison; Niobrara, Nebraska

“Thank you for all your help with my son’s sleep training. He is sleeping so well and the entire house is well rested. I cannot express in words how delighted we are with the results of your sleep training program. You were spot on with your advice and tips! It was difficult during the first few days but you were there to help support us. In the end it was all worth it, the entire family is sleeping well and feeling better as we are well rested. I would highly recommend your services to anyone that is looking to sleep train their little. Thank you again!!”
-Jasmin; Houston, Texas

“Krissy is amazing! She was able to help me with creating a schedule for my twins which has been hard because many other people did not understand the struggle of both parents working 3-11pm. They went from up 5 times a night to sleeping through! I could not recommend her enough!”
-Kelly; Albany, New York

“Krissy is so knowledgeable about your little ones sleep. Working with her was a wonderful experience. She listens to you and truly cares about you and your kiddo. I highly recommend for anyone struggling to get their little one to sleep.”
-Brenda; Iowa

“Krissy was very helpful with getting my twins on a schedule and getting them to fall asleep on their own. 1 twin (difficult one) was able to fall asleep on his own for naps and bedtime within a few days and slept for 10-11 hours each night. I would definitely recommend her for helping with sleep troubles for your baby!”
-Tiffany; Maryland

“Our twins were up every hour to hour and half for 7 weeks when they turned 4 months old. We tried everything on our own as parents and nothing was working! We had a good idea about routines and sleep training, but reached out to Krissy and she gave us some great tips and ways to better encourage us to stick it out! Within 2 days, our twins are sleeping longer through the night and their naps have drastically changed! I can’t wait to see where we are in a few days from now (hopefully through the night)! I just did a 1 hour phone call and it was some of the best money i’ve ever spent! Thank you for your follow up and your advice! Before last night, we hadn’t slept in 7 weeks more than 3 hours a day!”
-Heidi; Sylvania, Ohio

“Krissy was a huge help with our 6 month old! Our baby girl hardly napped and would only sleep in my arms. She wasn’t consistently sleeping through the night. When we started a sleep schedule, that all changed, and she slept for each nap great and through the night consistently!! She’s been much happier too! We are so thankful!!”
-Amy; Sioux Falls, South Dakota

“I highly, highly recommend Krissy at MonkeyRoo Sleep Consulting! She changed the way we think about sleep and taught us the importance of routines and quality sleep for our baby (and us parents😴). She is a LIFE SAVER! She was so kind, incredibly supportive when I was doubtful/through hiccups, and talked us through every step, multiple times! If I could go back, I would have consulted her many months ago! We are forever thankful for her mentorship and the skills she taught us! Thank you, Krissy!!!
No matter what stage your baby is in or how far gone you believe you are with bad habits😬, Krissy can help you. You don’t have to live in a tired fog and dread bedtime, and it IS possible for your baby to get the sleep they desperately need!”
-Neiley; Ainsworth, Nebraska

“I wrote in a mom group about how my 2 year old would not nap anymore. She happened to see my post and amongst all the other people commenting telling me to just “give up naps” she gave me advice that LITERALLY worked with ease. I am so shocked! if I ever need sleep consulting in the future, I definitely know where I’m going!”
-Sarah; Peoria, Arizona

“Before I tried sleep training I thought that being a parent meant being sleep deprived. My son was getting up around three to four times a night and taking little if any short naps during the day. I knew that my baby had to be exhausted and was not getting the amount of sleep that he needed. Desperate for something to help I decided to contact MonkeyRoo sleep Consulting. With Krissy’s guidance and support after one week of sleep training my son was only waking up once to eat which is normal for his age and taking two to three naps during the day. He not only was he sleeping better but his attitude was also improved. I never knew how much the daytime routine would affect how my child would sleep at night. I’m so thankful that my son is now a better sleeper and it’s getting the rest he needs. I highly recommend you contact Krissy she is great!”
-Jenna; Valentine, Nebraska

“If your child is having problems going to sleep and STAYING asleep at night, then you need Krissy Brashear! I had been referred to Krissy by several friends, but had to hold off on sleep training due to our son’s medical issues, or I would have done this months ago. I’m so glad we were finally able to do it! From the time Baylor was a newborn, he liked to wake up during the night. He was a frequent night nurser, and I believe it became a habit for him to wake, feed, and then be rocked back to sleep. Well, at 8 months old, he was still waking between 3-6 times were night and would not put himself back to sleep. He also became super difficult in the evenings at night time. Some nights it would take HOURS to get him to finally settle and stay asleep for just a couple of hours. A few weeks ago, we decided to contact Krissy and jump right in. I can now say Baylor is capable of sleeping 12 hours at night! Krissy is amazing at what she does, and she is extremely supportive throughout the entire process. Moms and dads need rest and quiet time too, and I am so grateful Krissy got that back for us!
-Emilee; Wood Lake, Nebraska

“Krissy was fantastic! Our 15 month old son was still waking up 4 times a night and we were exhausted. She gave us not only great counsel and wisdom but coached us confidently through the process and in less than a week he began sleeping over 11 hours per night! So thankful for her help! We give her the highest possible recommendation!”
-David; Sioux Falls, South Dakota

“Such a blessing for our family! Highly recommend for anyone not getting enough sleep. We are all way happier!”
– Tessa; Omaha, Nebraska

“We LOVED krissy! My almost 11 month old was awake 1-4:30 in the morning every night! and in a week she helped us and now he is sleeping ALL night! ❤️
– Savanah; Valentine, Nebraska

“She helped me tremendously through my sons 2-1 nap transition. She responded a timely manor to my emails/messages and very patient with all my questions and concerns and I navigated through the transition.”
– Nicole; Mooresville, North Carolina

“Krissy helped us get our VERY stubborn 16 month old to sleep on her own! Worth every penny!”
– Chelsea; Henderson, Nebraska

“Krissy was a huge help to us when our 20 month old decided to quit sleeping this summer. Matthew was always my good baby that slept all night but out of no where began waking up every night. Unfortunately he was still on a bottle and I had always rocked him to sleep and then taken him to bed. Well it got to the point where I couldn’t get him back to bed and would cave and let him sleep with us. After a great discussion with Krissy we set out a great plan to help get him to sleep all night and even get rid of the bottle! Only took about 3 or 4 nights and he now goes to sleep on his own and sleeps all night long from 8:30-7:30!!! When a mommy gets a good nights sleep it’s life changing! Totally worth it! Sometimes it just takes that third opinion. Thank you so much Krissy!!! Wish you were around when my other two were little!”
– Tygh; Valentine, Nebraska

“Krissy was blessing from day 1! I was referred to her by a friend when I had mentioned My daughter was waking up several times in the night. She helped us create a schedule, and once we stuck to it our little girl started sleeping the entire night! 7-7!! She is fantastic!! If you are having any troubles with your little one sticking with a routine or sleeping, Krissy is an expert!”
– Sydney; Omaha, Nebraska

“Krissy is a God send! My 5 month old was waking to nurse 3-4x/night every night. I was miserable and this is my 3rd kid! With her full guidance and training schedule she now goes to bed at 6:30pm and sleeps till 4am almost every night! This is one happy momma! If your sanity is worth anything she is a true angel in disguise ❤️ now if I could go to bed at 6:30 I’d be even better 🤣”
– Michelle; Valentine, Nebraska

“Krissy helped us as part of her final project to graduate from the Sleep Institute. I can not say enough wonderful things about her! She is very knowledgeable about baby sleep patterns and also very kind and encouraging. She understands the frustrations that come along with trying to get a little human on a schedule or even just to nap at all! She is encouraging but never made me feel bad on the days we struggled to follow the plan she made for us. She checked in frequently and responded very quickly to all my questions and concerns. If you are struggling to get your little one to sleep through the night or take naps I recommend consulting with her!”
– Dana; Valentine, Nebraska

“To say that Krissy helped our family is an understatement!! At 5 months old, our little Emmet went from waking up 4-5 times a night to sleeping through the night in less than 2 weeks! As a very tired mom, I had hit a breaking point and I knew that something had to change but I had no idea where to start!! That’s where Krissy entered the picture and gave us small, manageable steps that we could take to get Emmet’s schedule dialed in and break some of his bad habits (like having to nurse to go back to sleep at night). I was very motivated and trusted the process and trusted Krissy, so we followed all of her advice and it WORKED!! It never felt overwhelming as she just gave us one small step at a time. Once we got one thing figured out, we’d add another step, and so on and so forth until before I knew it, Emmet wasn’t waking up at all at night! To top it all off, he was napping better during the day and a happier baby overall. It was then that I realized that when people say that babies need routine it is TRUE! Our whole family is happier and healthier because of Krissy’s help. I cannot tell you how much of a comfort it was to know she was just a text or phone call away when I was going through the sleep training. She would always respond to a last minute question when emmet threw us for a curveball. I loved the personalized approach she gave to us & how she came up with a plan specific to our family, our schedule, and the needs of our precious little boy. I highly recommend hiring Krissy as your sleep coach if you are struggling with child sleep! She’s a genius!”
– Janeen; Valentine, Nebraska

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