What a Child Sleep Consultant Does

Sleep Consulting is a pretty new profession so wondering what a child sleep consultant does is a very common question. I’m basically available to anybody around the world because most of what I do is over the phone, email, text messages, or even Skype. 

What a child sleep consultant does:

  • Helps to eliminate unwanted sleep associations so babies can fall asleep on their own.
  • Educates parents on circadian rhythms so they understand why and when babies should be sleeping.
  • Eliminates night wakings for everybody.
  • Provides a schedule for you to stay on that is appropriate for their age.
  • Helps with older children to be able to sleep on their own, in their own room.
  • Provides support to help you get through the entire sleep training.

I will discuss with you your child’s biological sleep rhythms, the optimal sleep environment, safe sleep habits, and ways to eliminate those unwanted sleep associations like rocking to sleep, nursing to sleep, needing to bedshare, or whatever it is that you’re needing to change so that your child can fall asleep and stay asleep without needing you to PUT them to sleep.  When you’re putting them to sleep at bedtime, you’re having to do it multiple times a night because every time they switch sleep cycles, they can’t go back to sleep without your magical touch throughout the night.

With sleep training, it not only involves methods to teach them how to self-soothe but it also means changing their schedule to fit their circadian rhythm that is specific to their age, as well as making sure their environment is safe and conducive for sleep. 

Do you have a good sleeper?

As a sleep consultant, I can also be helpful to you even if you have a good sleeper on your hands.  For instance, for those tough transitional periods like eliminating night feedings, cutting naps or switching to a toddler bed!  No matter what sleep issues, questions, or concerns you are having, I am Certified and knowledgeable in most everything related to child sleep.

It is my goal to give you your evenings back as an individual instead of an exhausted parent and get the whole family the rest you need and deserve.  I promise that no matter what your situation is, I will always be just as invested in the sleep training process as you are because of how important I know that sleep is for not only your child’s mental & physical development, but for you too!

MonkeyRoo Sleep Consulting – YouTube

If you want to know how to get started, feel free to view the blog below. It tells you what to expect when starting the process with me, and has links to packages and the client intake form.


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