Jenna B.

“Before I tried sleep training I thought that being a parent meant being sleep deprived. My son was getting up around three to four times a night and taking little if any short naps during the day. I knew that my baby had to be exhausted and was not getting the amount of sleep that he needed. Desperate for something to help I decided to contact MonkeyRoo sleep Consulting. With Krissy’s guidance and support after one week of sleep training my son was only waking up once to eat which is normal for his age and taking two to three naps during the day. He not only was he sleeping better but his attitude was also improved. I never knew how much the daytime routine would affect how my child would sleep at night. I’m so thankful that my son is now a better sleeper and it’s getting the rest he needs. I highly recommend you contact Krissy she is great!”