Do You Worry Sleep Training Will Ruin Your Positive Attachment with Your Baby?

This is a common fear that parents have, and that is okay! Because of course we want to make sure that our relationship with our little ones stays strong. Why wouldn’t we? Well, I am here to tell you that this fear is one we can stop worrying about. There are a few reasons why sleep training won’t negatively affect your relationship with your child, and actually have a positive outcome.

  1. We can’t give our best self to anybody when we are sleep deprived. This is true for us and for our baby. When a basic human need isn’t being met (like sleep), then our mental, emotional, physical, and social health can all suffer; Causing an inability to meet the needs of someone else (like our babies).
  2. Being well-rested allows us to create a more stable bond with one another. Do you feel stable and secure when you are exhausted? Or is it more likely that you will have a meltdown during these times? Our children feel those same things that we do when they are tired. Feeling rested and happy can allow us to form a more consistent & healthy bond with each other.
  3. Sleep Training doesn’t mean you have to give up your attachment style of parenting. The reason for this is because attachment theory is about nurturing our little ones in a way that they feel secure enough to explore their world in a self-sufficient way. It allows for us to create opportunities for them to experiment, without our intervention, yet they know that if they need us, we are there for them. With sleep training, there are methods that allow for us to be more hands-on while they go through this process of learning how to sleep independently, which can also give you the peace of mind that they know you’re right there if they need you.

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