Preventing Toddler Battles with Options

Instead of asking toddlers what do you want for lunch? what book do you want to read? Or telling them here’s your pajamas or it’s time to brush your teeth.... giving them OPTIONS really helps them feel part of the equation, and in control..... which helps eliminate the constant battles. For meals, I tend to… Continue reading Preventing Toddler Battles with Options

What a Child Sleep Consultant Does

I’m basically available to anybody around the world because most of what I do is over the phone, email, text messages, or even Skype.  I will discuss with you your child’s biological sleep rhythms, the optimal sleep environment, safe sleep habits, and ways to eliminate those unwanted sleep associations like rocking to sleep, nursing to… Continue reading What a Child Sleep Consultant Does

Does your toddler (or infant) require you to sleep with them?

Does your toddler require you to stay with them rubbing their back, humming a song, or laying in their bed with them until they have fallen completely asleep? If this is the case, then you probably don’t just have to do this at bedtime, but also throughout the night. The reason for this is that… Continue reading Does your toddler (or infant) require you to sleep with them?

Helping a Newborn Sleep Better

There’s a myth that states You can’t help a newborn sleep better.  Although babies under 4 months of age are not developmentally ready to sleep train to be on a perfectly consistent schedule, there are definitely things that we can do to help them sleep more soundly and allow them to start developing healthy sleep… Continue reading Helping a Newborn Sleep Better

What Can You Expect From Me?

I've recently discussed what I do as a child sleep consultant, but I've been asked about what the process of actually moving forward working with me looks like. So depending on what Package you choose will vary the steps we take to get started. If you just want to do a 30 minute phone call… Continue reading What Can You Expect From Me?