Does your toddler (or infant) require you to sleep with them?

Does your toddler require you to stay with them rubbing their back, humming a song, or laying in their bed with them until they have fallen completely asleep? If this is the case, then you probably don’t just have to do this at bedtime, but also throughout the night. The reason for this is that most children (and adults) briefly wake up several times a night at the end of a sleep cycle. When this happens, children have to recreate the same conditions they fell asleep to at bedtime. Not only do they need these same conditions, but they even start to fight sleep at bedtime in fear that they’ll wake up in a different condition again (without you there, doing those things)
It’s the same case with babies. A lot of times babies will fall asleep in our arms and then we put them in their desired sleeping space… so when they switch sleep cycles throughout the night & wake up, they freak out not understanding where they are because the last time they were awake, they were in your arms. If you woke up in the middle of the night to find yourself on your kitchen floor, you’d get a little concerned too, right?
These exhausting sleep habits can all be altered with a little bit of guidance so that your child can fall asleep independently at bedtime and throughout the night so everybody can get better, healthier sleep.

If you have a toddler needing you to stay with them all night, or they get out of bed multiple times a night, you have a baby that can’t sleep outside of your arms, you’re exhausted & ready for a full night sleep, contact me today to get everybody sleeping through the night!

Feel free to fill out an intake form and I can help you decide which package may be best for your family.

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