Preventing Toddler Battles with Options

Instead of asking toddlers what do you want for lunch? what book do you want to read? Or telling them here’s your pajamas or it’s time to brush your teeth…. giving toddlers OPTIONS really helps them feel part of the equation, and in control….. which helps eliminate the constant battles.

🍇 For meals, I tend to give the twins 2 options for either a side with their main entrée, or if I don’t have anything planned, I even let them choose between 2 main entrees. This way they aren’t choosing “French toast” for EVERY MEAL allowing them to have a balanced diet… plus I don’t get stuck making something I don’t want 🤣

🦷 For some things, instead of saying “let’s brush our teeth” and giving them their toothbrush with toothpaste already on it, I say “what toothpaste would you like tonight” and if I’m feeling really nice, I let them help me put it on (haha). Instead of it being a battle to brush their teeth since they know bedtime comes afterwards, they get excited because they got to be part of the decision. (And then were one step closer to bed with ease 👏🏼)

For Krew to change out of his cool pajamas to go somewhere, is like pulling teeth, so giving him 2 outfits to choose from really helps him feel better about the process and avoids a 30 minute scream fest.I try to give options as much as possible. Then they don’t feel like I’m constantly telling them what to do and getting upset about it, and they’re also within guidelines I’m okay with too.

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