What Can You Expect From Me?

I’ve recently discussed what I do as a child sleep consultant, but I’ve been asked about what the process of actually moving forward working with me looks like.

So depending on what Package you choose will vary the steps we take to get started.

If you just want to do a 30 minute phone call or a Newborn package, all you have to do is email me or hit the Contact menu and we can schedule the call.

If you would like for me to assist you in the entire sleep training process of getting them on the proper schedule for their age, sleeping 12 hours through the night, and falling asleep without any sleep crutches like nursing or rocking to sleep, this is what you can expect:

  1. You’ll fill out the Client Intake Form
  2. We will schedule the initial phone consult (usually about an hour long)
  3. During our phone call, we will discuss everything going on, their biological sleep rhythm so you can understand what their day should look like, sleep training methods to choose from, sleep environment, safe sleep, and anything that will help get your little one sleeping better.
  4. I will then write up a sleep plan designed for your family based on our discussion during the phone consultation and email it to you for review.
  5. We will decide what night you want to start implementing the plan.
  6. I will then be available to you (mainly via text because I can quickly respond that way; But email and phone calls are available) to help you adjust the nap schedule dependent on how the previous night or nap went, help you with any curve balls they may throw your way, and help you stay strong throughout the process.
  7. Once we have completed our 1 or 2 week process, I will also email you a Wrap up email that will provide some reminders and helpful tips for the future.

I’m very passionate about all of my families, so I try to be as involved as possible throughout the entire process so that we can get them sleeping better within just a couple of days and make sure you are feeling good about everything going on.  Sometimes, it will even feel like I’m there next to you.

If you are uncertain about what Package is right for you, please feel free to fill out the Client Intake Form and I will review it and suggest what I feel might be best for your family.  And don’t hesitate to Contact me with any questions you may have.

And if you didn’t see my post about what I do, please feel free to watch this YouTube Video What Does a Child Sleep Consultant Do?


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